Tuesday 28 May 2024
1:32 PM | | 42 Fajr

Press Conference for “Queen Alishun” Held

Press Conference for “Queen Alishun” Held

The press conference of the film “Queen Alishun” took place on Wednesday, February 6th , 2024, following the movie’s screening in the Milad Tower, with the presence of some members from cast and crew.

According to the news department of the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF), the conference featured director Ebrahim Nooravar Mohammad, along with actors Nastaran Seifi, Ahoora Nooravar Mohammad, Amir-Reza Esmaili, Mahdieh Qazi Mirsaeed and others.

Nooravar Mohammad, the director, described “Queen Alishun” as a challenging project which took 10 years to be created.

“When I wrote the screenplay a decade ago, everyone thought it was impossible to make. So, I had to roll up my sleeves and start the work all alone.”

He continued: “The film had over 100 locations, and half of the production time spent on constructing these locations. In fact, 80% of the film’s locations were constructed. This work is specifically for children, and everyone knows how difficult it is to make a film for children.”

As he said, he was well-aware that making this movie would take a long time, but he had told his team that they needed to work in a way that the movie would not become outdated.

Regarding the costume and make-up design for this work, Nooravar Mohammad explained that he had not used designs from foreign countries and that all elements were inspired by Iranian models.

Even the names of the characters were authentically Iranian; however, the audience mistakenly believed these elements were foreign.

He also noted that he believed that the movie has potential for international distribution.

The director concluded that when only one person assumes responsible for every aspect of a project, undoubtedly there are challenges, saying that apart from acting, he carried out this work single-handedly.

He once again reiterated that there was no Westernization involved, but the unique style of the film gives the impression that it’s a foreign production.

The 42nd edition of the FIFF is being held in Tehran as of February 1. The great cultural event will end on February 11.

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