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Press Meeting of “Breakfast with Giraffes”

Press Meeting of “Breakfast with Giraffes”

According to the news department of the 42nd FIFF, the press conference of the film “Breakfast with Giraffes” was held on Saturday, February 3 following its screening in Milad Tower.
The press conference was attended by Soroush Sehhat (director), Mostafa Ahmadi (producer), Khashayar Moeidian (editor), Arman Fayyaz (cinematographer), Mahyar Alizadeh (composer), Amir Hossein Haddad (set designer) and Iman Safaei (writer).
At the beginning of this program, Sehhat, the director of this film, said that he has been working with Safaei for years and all the work they have done so far has been based on their tastes, that is, whatever they believe in.
Sehhat continued that the modern world is strange enough and is ironic in itself, adding that what Iman and he write is just their ideology, which may be satiric or not. He said that they had three stories in mind: one, the story of friendship between several men; two, the friendship between several women, and three, the friendship between several women and men.
He expressed hope that he would be able to make the second and the third scripts, adding that the theme of the story of “Breakfast with Giraffes” was forgiveness and the adventure of friendship between several men that started at a wedding. About the effects of his experiences on the work, Sehhat said that real-life experiences, books we read, and movies we watch all have effects on our minds.

Later, Alizadeh, the composer of “Breakfast with Giraffes”, said that the atmosphere of Sehhat’s works is different from other films and series, adding that because he had joined the project late, he only had four days to do his job.
Appreciating Elaheh Izadi for her help in editing the work, Moeidian said that his taste and Soroush’s have become close and they try to reach the rhythm in their mind.
Fayyaz, the cinematographer of the film, explained his experience of being in this film and said that Sehhat is a great human being and has a good spirit and makes the dark spots inside us bright.“I just went the way Soroush Sehhat showed me.”
Then, Haddad, the set designer, explained that Sehhat had been a good teacher to him. “Working behind the scenes with him is enjoyable for us, it is also hard because understanding his mentality is very difficult.”
Answering a question about the “dark ending” of the movie, Sehhat said, “In my opinion, the end of the film showed forgiveness,” adding that the last 10 minutes of the movie expressed his “idea.”
This director explained that basically, he likes his works to be suitable for family viewing.
Ahmadi, the producer, said he had wished to have his name alongside Soroush Sehhat’s.
Jamshidi, an actor in this film who joined the press conference via phone call, said that his first collaboration with Sehhat was in the series “Pezhman” and that he owed his entry into the world of art to him.
Sehhat also said the beginning of this film may resemble the movie Hangover which was an accident, and that they realized the similarity, later, but they had no intention to do so.
Safaei, the writer of the film, swore that Sehhat hadn’t seen this film when he mentioned the similarity to him.
“If drugs are discussed in the film, it doesn’t mean we endorsing it; quite the contrary, we wanted to show that problems are rooted in that,” Sehhat added.
Regarding the choice of actors, the director said that because there were only six characters, it was better to use familiar faces.
He once again said that “the ending of this film is not bitter,” adding that “Overall, every ending is bitter.”
“What sweet ending in life do you know? ”

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