Tuesday 18 June 2024
3:42 PM | | 41 Fajr

Press Meeting of Journalists & Foreign Guests at 41st FIFF

Press Meeting of Journalists & Foreign Guests at 41st FIFF

The press meeting of the 41st Fajr International Film Festival was held in Mellat Cineplex in Tehran on Feb.10, 2023, attended by journalist and foreign guests.

Speaking in the gathering, director of “Somebody’s Flowers”, Yusuke Okuda, said: “I’m Japanese, not Chinese. I like Iranian movies and I am happy to be in your country.”

In response to the question about which Iranian director he likes the most, Yusuke said: “I like Abbas Kiarostami, Majid Majidi and Asghar Farhadi more than other Iranian filmmakers.”

In the meantime, Indian Director of “Shivamma”, Jai Shankar said:” Human nature and the relationship between humans can be traced in Iranian films; Like the movie “Children of the Heaven” and the relationship between the brother and the sister. This type of relationship depicts human nature.”
Greek Director of “Dignity”, Dimitris Katsimiris, for his part said:” The prestige of Fajr International Film Festival is respectable and important to me.”

Director of “Fortune”, Muhiddin Muzaffar from Tajikistan said:” Tajik Cinema is not that much known in the world and considering the low advertising of Iranian cinema in our country, it has a lot of similarities in the human sphere.”

Addressing the same gathering, Director of “Don’t Burry Me Without Ivan”, Liubov Borisova from Russia said:” This movie is based on reality. At the end of the film, we showed photos of real heroes.”

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