Thursday 29 February 2024
1:07 PM | | 42 Fajr

Presser for “When You Were Not Here” held in 42nd FIFF

Presser for “When You Were Not Here” held in 42nd FIFF

The last press conference of the 7th day of the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) was held for “When You Were Not Here” with the participation of the cast and crew of the movie late on Wednesday.

The director and producer of the flick, Kaveh Sajjadi Hosseini said “When a drama revolves around human relations, it attracts me during the production stages.”

“When You Were Not Here” is one of the independent movies participating in the Festival, he added.

The issue of emigration has been taken into account in all of my works, he stated.

When you come across the lack of something, your energy level lessens, he added.

He defended the rhythm of the movie, adding in my opinion, the film has a suitable rhythm, as it is an intrinsic drama, it requires this kind of rhythm and naturally it may be calm for some.”

If I go back to remake the film, I will follow the same style as I think all of its components were necessary, he underlined.

The feature recounts the story of a woman who loves her husband but has to tolerate loneliness to reach him.

The work simultaneously depicts the notions of love and loneliness.

The 42nd FIFF kicked off in Tehran on February 1. It will end on February 11.

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