Wednesday 24 April 2024
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War Trilogy / Mojtaba Mirtahmasb’s Review of “Blue”

War Trilogy / Mojtaba Mirtahmasb’s Review of “Blue”

I was deceived by the film’s opening. It seemed that I was supposed to watch an underwater documentary, something from the BBC, the kind that presents the beauty of the ocean. I do enjoy these type of movies but the current state of the world, watching those films is not my priority. When the film’s calm narration starts, I focus more on the film. Episode after episode, the film characters take me on a journey filled with beautiful images, sound, and extraordinary music, during all this I’m still ill at ease.

We human beings with our feet planted on the ground and eyes fixed to the sky, the rift between earth and sky during this industrial age has been a great tragedy, one that was bound to happen, but a tragedy nonetheless.  The abuse that humanity has unleashed the earth’s seas and its creature became tangible for me after watching this film. The film does a great job in talking to intellectuals and environmentalist to juxtapose the harsh images we see of the damage being done to the seas.

You must be familiar with the “Butterfly Effect”: it states that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Japan might cause a typhoon in the shores of U.S.A. I agree with this theory and believe that the rift between earth and sky, the seas, and oceans with humanity is due to our own mistakes and negligence, the pinnacle of creation we are not! We see an example of this in the film: a damaged net is dumped into the sea in the Philippines, the net ends up killing a massive sea turtle in Australia. Another scene shows birds whose stomach is filled with all matter of modern day waste.

Watch “Blue” and be hopeful that there are still those around the world trying to atone for our sins in the hopes that the sea and its creates can one day be safe from our us. If you have thrown any trash today, on the ground, or in the ocean, be prepared for a typhoon that will wash you away.

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