Tuesday 16 April 2024
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We Lost the Way / Mehdi Pakdel’s Review of “Directions”

We Lost the Way  / Mehdi Pakdel’s Review of “Directions”

It’s likely that you’ve experienced this moment that without any reason you miss driving at night. Maybe you think about smething or you are going to make a big decision. Driving at night with favorite song is certainly one of the memorable moments of our life.

The “Direction” is the latest movie by Stephen Konandadov, 51 years old, Bulgarian director. The director in this film, with the help of the experience I mentioned at the beginning, laid the feeling of his movie on it. The director wrote the script with the help of Simon Vensislavov, based on Antoine Chekhov’s stories. The writers have made the modern and fascinating adaptation of the Chekhov story in an innovative way with the concerns of human beings of the modern age.

Direction is about the people who get lost. The movie narrates the lives of several taxi drivers in one day. Each of these drivers encounters passengers who change their lives.

The structure of the film is very cleverly chosen, the long taking scenes of the film with the tension of the city.

Every passenger has its own story that makes us familiar with to the economic, religious, cultural and moral conditions of society.

These passengers change their and other destiny in this short path. The feature and difference of the film is that almost every passenger tells the story in one sequence without interruptions. Every person in his life needs to follow a path to reach his goal. The interaction of the modern world wanders the today man. The rules, the unhealthy and unethical relations, and the obscene considerations of the state apparatus, the influence of religion and the cruelty of the capitalist world have misled man from his original path. Some are just a few steps away, and some miles.

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