Friday 12 July 2024
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“I Am Sharp” Comedy / Amir pouria’s Review of “Little White Lie”

“I Am Sharp” Comedy / Amir pouria’s Review of “Little White Lie”

In a small society with simple people sometimes a person who thinks that he is sharper than others makes the funny events happen. American great playwright Neil Simon has repeatedly produced comedies based on the same dramatic situation. From Fools to Rumors, a comedy in a Neil Simon style is based on this situation. Also from the character of Oscar in The Odd Couple who thinks that he is managing the family affairs to Lui in Lost in Yonkers who claim to be a gangster are the funniest characters of Simon.

Following this introduction I don’t mean that the little white lie is inspired by Simon. But referring to these Simon situations can be effective to better confront the world of this film. Two men who are employees of a local newspaper in a small town of Chile, Just with the assurance that they are better than others, they create enormous troubles for themselves, and later for the whole people of the region, But ultimately, for the sake of their good intentions, they split up the local liars. The way that movie goes on to its deceptive situation in the fast food at final sequence is has very studied process. It can be said that it is not one of the comedy in which the jokes are distributed in proportionately in it. Little white lies shows that more interesting processing is more needed that just sticking to the idea.

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