Monday 22 April 2024
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Someone Above Cares about You / Majid eslami’s Review of “Little White Lie”

Someone Above Cares about You  / Majid eslami’s Review of “Little White Lie”

Edgardo is publishing a local newspaper in a small town at southern Chile.He decides with his colleagues to publish fake news to boost the newspaper and satisfy his boss. In fact, they themselves produce news, and they will be confronted with little trouble. But these little troubles push them into bigger adventures. They are actually at the forefront of fighting corruption and fraud. That calm and unsettled society is disturbed. The first feature film by Thomas Alzamora (who is the author and editor of the film) is a black comedy with fast rhythm and caricature characters and occasions. Something like Italian 1960s comedies. Everything is exaggerated, from the physics and mode of the cast (with flamboyant eyes, mustache and colorful dresses), to fast editing, vibrant cameras, and vibrant jazz, which adds to this exaggeration. Always said (at least the novel “One hundred years of solitude” onwards) that combines the history of latin America is a mixture with the legends. The story which film is inspired replacing with its real people is the film’s adventures. Gradually comparing what that people said in their interview to what happen to the characters that play their role makes the film interesting.  It is not clear that the interviews themselves are the same as the real story to make the film interesting.

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