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Review of “Pihu”

Review of “Pihu”

“Pihu” Directed By Vinod Kapri

It is not easy to make a film with a child especially if the main actress of the film is a two years old girl (pihu) who is not directed easily. This movie reminds us of the movie “key” by “Ibrahim foroozesh” and screenplay of “abbas kiarostami”. Pihu is a two years old girl who is alone at home and faces great danger and has to handle them in her own way that brings anxiety and stress to audience. Director definitely used interesting tricks to work with the girl that probably made behind the scenes more interesting.

Vinod Kapri the director of the movie puts piho in different situations and sometimes secretly films her reactions by using fixed and moving camera. He also takes us with the girl by using voice over and short discontinuous shots in montage that is a common montage way for these kinds of movies because of involuntary reactions of children. The movie starts with the scenes from her view that seems structural but continues with the scenes which are not from her view this shifting between her and the director’s vision makes the movie uneven. You would experience exciting moments while watching this movie.

Hassan Hassandoost

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