Friday 12 July 2024
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Review of “Quatretondeta”

Review of “Quatretondeta”

Hope in life, constant flow of life, a look to the nature, observing the present time and a deep look at the regretful past, seeing a bright future, avoiding lonely time and relying on the family, planning for a lie and most of all secrecy, and many other concepts is concealed in the movie called “Quatretondeta”.

It is difficult to write briefly to strongly motivate you to watch a movie which its values do not fit in words and only can be watched and then judged. Images and rhythm and avoiding verbosity are characteristic of this movie.

This movie tries to takes attention of audience who are habituated to the fast and unwise beats to watching the beats of real life and keep them away from unrealistic challenges which are metamorphosis and do not invite them to ponder.

What is important to mention is that the impression of our great filmmakers is noticeable in some other nation’s movies. Hope and beauty of nature in “taste of cherry”, beat of life in tough situation “under the olive tree”, the value of secrecy in “Farhadi” films, and many other examples that cannot mention them all here. I would like to mention thoughtful act of the old guy in the movie that undoubtedly stems from his long experience.

I would advise to watch this movie especially to creative youth who are in favour of contemplation and experience in cinema.

Amin Tarokh


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