Thursday 18 July 2024
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Consequence of Silence / Majid Eslami’s Review of “The Silent Revolution”

Consequence of Silence / Majid Eslami’s Review of “The Silent Revolution”

The song of granite is the complete example of risk taking, A perfect example for anyone who wants to know where is the ultimate risk taking in cinema, and how to make a film about art and make the work a truly artistic. Or rather, when a movie is to be made about music and poetry, then the result of the work must have poetry in it. This poetry breaks every order; change the order of the seasons and not following any rules so this makes the relation of movie and viewers more complicated. How can one understand or derive a poem without having personal experience?

The strangeness of song of granite is not just about the images that are presented to its audience; it’s music that we do not understand it, the song that its words don’t have a familiar tune. But the music is fantastic. In these unfamiliar words, and more importantly in the presence of the atmosphere itself, Joe is the man who spent all his life on music and put aside everything to bring these words to the ears of others, A child who sees and listens, a child who sings and is quite and suddenly becomes a man who thinks about a place other than the village, Like any artist who may think that the world around him is small and tight, Joe who doesn’t stay there is exactly the same as what happen to him in his childhood and when he meets his elderly one and talk to himself, an elderly Joe says that no one goes moreover, Because passion is a limitation. But what does it matter when you can discover a newer world with words in the air and poems that are read. The song of granite is the discovery of this new world. The world that has no end, never.

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