Wednesday 17 July 2024
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Screenwriting Workshop with Peyman Ghasemkhani

Screenwriting Workshop with Peyman Ghasemkhani

Iranian screenwriter, director, and actor Peyman Ghasemkhani had a screenwriting workshop, dubbed Transfer Experience, in Felestin Cinema on Sunday.

Speaking to his audience, the Ghasemkhani, who was accompanied by Fan Club manager Shadmehr Rastin, said the first draft of anything is run-of-the-mill and a good writer always tries and gets to the second draft.

He explained that there are several ways to structure a screenplay: The classic structure is to divide your screenplay into the set-up, conflict, and resolution. You shouldn’t write anything that comes to your mind. Write what you want to read. Never write a screenplay that’s been ordered. Make your own terms and conditions and play in your own field.

According to Ghasemkhani, there is a never-ending battle between director and screenwriter: You need to get along with your director. Writing a screenplay is hard work. You are left to your own devices and in solitary. I keep writing until I get to a final draft that I want. The biggest challenge is to create exciting situations for your story while knowing that you need to get rid of them. However, you should be ruthless in writing. Stick to your road map and get rid of the extra materials.

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