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The Fate that You Fear \ Sara Bahrami Review of “A Sort of Family”

The Fate that You Fear \ Sara Bahrami Review of “A Sort of Family”

As written by Oriana Fallaci in her book “Letter to a Child Never Born”

Being a woman is soft and beautiful …

An adventure that requires endless courage and tireless resistance.

Being a woman,

Motherhood, Motherhood is not a profession

Not a social class, it is not a duty …

Motherhood that  seems to be the evolution of a woman’s fate …

The fate you are afraid of

From the imagination of pregnancy

From anxiety

From pain

From having to tolerate pain …

And this choice a conscious choice …

And a mother’s right …

A Sort of Family

A glorious battle of a woman for her motherly right …

A woman who for the development of her world

For becoming a mother and motherhood

It’s inevitable for her instincts to make her the hero in our story.

She is the only one in our story who argues, lies, cries, wins, loses, smiles and … and embodies the emotions of motherhood

She does not get tired, she doest not give up…

When the decisive moment arrives

she makes the right choice ….

Maybe the most important chapter

Perhaps the most difficult chapter of a mother’s story …

She makes a courages choice …


With full knowledge

of her rights as a woman

of the conditions forced upon her

sacrifice ….

So that this weird and oft repeated tale

The story of motherhood

We are surprised watching it

But our hearts calms and sure

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