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Counter Notes of Fiff \ Majid Eslami Review of “Grain”

Counter Notes of Fiff \ Majid Eslami Review of “Grain”

For those who are familiar with Sammy Kaplanaglo’s earlier films, “Wheat” is a complete surprise both style and project production. The film begins with an apocalyptic / scientific-fiction atmosphere. But gradually, relying on the story of “Moses and Khidr”, it tilts his path to some sort of mystical journey. Occasionally resembles transcendental films ordered by the Farabi Foundation (though it never falls to that extent). But in fact, he decides to substitute expressionism as a storytelling and characterizing and it looks like an article. Wheat is surprising because of Visual aspects.  There is obviously points to Tarkovsky and occasionally reconstruct some “Stalker” scenes but it’s not pure.  And, like the most influential directors of Tarkovsky (perhaps with the exception of Nuri Bilge Ceylan), it is far from Tarkovsky’s mystery. In terms of acting, it is generally acceptable, but like most of the multinational actings, it’s a little mechanical and outrageous. Sometimes it resembles Pasolini films and his allegorical stories and sometimes resembles some Amir Naderi films (The Mountain). (Naderi is also inspired by by Pasolini.) Some scenes of the film are obviously similar to Alfonso Cuarón’s “Children of Men” As the film moves forward, it is less interesting. It takes time to come to result the scene that is already known. However, in the end, it’s not that we regret seeing it. Even some moments and images remain in mind, and it is not unlikely that we will miss the film.

“Wheat” is a respectable film. An Ambitious project that is worth to make. If it’s not perfect, it’s because it has taken a difficult path and wants to conquer a big summit. So far, it can be considered an accomplishment.

This is the sixth film by kaplanaglo (born 1963). Earlier we had seen the trilogy “eggs”, “milk”, and “honey” from which were the most realistic films.

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