Monday 22 April 2024
3:05 PM | | 41 Fajr

“They Loved Me” Press Conference Holds at 41st FIFF

“They Loved Me” Press Conference Holds at 41st FIFF

The media meeting of “They Loved Me” held in Mellat Cineplex in Tehran on Feb.10, 2023, attended by the film’s crew in the 41st Fajr International Film Festival.

Speaking in the press conference, the director and producer of the film, Mohammad Reza Rahmani, said his film has been tied to independent cinema.

He said that perhaps this work is the cheapest film that has been made.

“I had a history of making this type of film and the film has technical flaws that I hope we can fix,” he added.

“All the films I have worked on so far dealt with social issues. We tried to make everything based on reality,” he said.

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