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Tomas Alzomara: No Box Office Hit Movie in Chile

Tomas Alzomara: No Box Office Hit Movie in Chile

Thomas Alzamora, the director of Little White Lie, says the Chilean cinema is a festival favourite.

Alzamora’s film is competing in the International Competition section of 2018 FIFF. The Chilean director and screenwriter is better known as FOURD. His first work in cinema was in 17, when he shot his first short film in France. A year later in New Zealand, he recorded his first music video. In 2010, he began his film studies in the University of Arts and Communication Sciences, specializing in directing, cinematography and editing. In 2017, he premiered at the Miami Film Festival Little White Lie, his first feature film.

Tell us more about yourself?

I’m a musician. I wanted to make video clips but had no one for help. So, I did it myself. It’s my first experience in cinema.

Why did you make your first short film in France?

Because I’m from a Chilean town. I couldn’t make it there. Nobody has camera there. I went to France, when I was 17 years old and made my short film there. I returned to my country in 2010 and studied in San Diego. Little White Lies is my thesis. I made it in my town.

It’s about journalism. Why is that?

I have a good friend. He is journalist and he had a similar problem. He published fake news. It was a great idea. I researched all fake news in the country before writing the script.

It seems your main character is a paparazzi?

I don’t like the paparazzi. It’s a little bit sad, because in my country they follow orders and protocols. The media is controlled by the state.

Tell us about the Chilean cinema?

We won an Oscar lately. The Fantastic Woman won the Oscar. Our cinema is doing fine but there are few audiences for its. Not many people go to theatres to watch Chilean movies, like they watch Hollywood movies. We make 50 films a year. Our movies screen in international festivals and win awards. There is no box office hit movie in Chile. We have state support but it’s not enough.

What’s your next project?

I’m writing a new screenplay titled Pepperoni. It’s about Latin American immigrates in the US. My protagonist is a delivery man who has to tackle an armed robbery.

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