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41st Fajr International Film Festival Announced Nominations

41st Fajr International Film Festival Announced Nominations

The jury of 41st Fajr International Film Festival comprised of Parviz Sheikh Tadi, Majid Esmaeili, Ebrahim Hatami Kia, Parviz Mohammad Razavi, Mohammad Taqi Fahim, Masoud Naqashzadeh and Mohammad Reza Sharifinia announced nominations on Friday (February 10,2023):

Best Set Designer:

-Mohsen Khodabakhsh for “Mud Room”

-Aidin Zarif for “Bowarde Flowers”

-Abbas Bolondi for “Metropole Cinema”

-Mohammad Reza Shojaei for “Number 10” and “Strange”

-Mohammad Reza Mirza Mohammadi for “Fragrant”

Best Costume Designer:

-Sara Samiei for “My Name Is Love”

-Fatemeh Safari for “Mud Room”

-Mohammad Reza Shojaei for “Strange”

– Abbas Bolondi & Mehdi Qouchani for “Metropole Cinema”

-Aram Mousavi for “Vabel”

Best Special Effects:

-Mohsen Rouzbahani for “Mud Room”

-Mohsen Rouzbahani for “Metropole Cinema”

-Iman Karamian for “Bowarde Flowers”

-Hamid Rasoulian for “Strange”

-Mohammad Reza Torkaman for “Number 10)

Best Makeup Artist:

-Omid Golzadeh for “They Loved Me”

-Shahram Khalaj for “Mud Roon”, “Strange”, “Number 10”

-Mona Jafari for “My Name Is Love”

-Abdullah Eskandari for Vabel

Best Editor:

-Emad Khodabakhsh for “Leather Coat”

-Hassan Ayoubi for “Smart Kid”

-Meysam Molaei for “May you Cry” and “Mud Room”

-Hamid Bashe Ahangar for “Metropole Cinema”

-Pouyan Sholevar for “My Name Is Love”

-Mastaneh Mohajer for “Vabel”

Best Cinematography:

-Farshad Mohammadi for “Mud Room”

-Alireza Zarrin Dast for “Metropole Cinema”

-Arman Fayaz for “Leather Coat”

-Rouzbeh Rayga for “Fragrant”

-Hassan Pouya for “Number 10”

-Milad Parto for “My Name Is Love”

Best Film Score:

-Amir Tavasoli for “Smart Kid”

-Masoud Sekhavat Doust for “Fragrant”, “Number 10”

-Payam Azadi for “Seven Orange Blossoms”

-Karen Homayounfar for “Sima’s Unfinished Story”

-Behzad Abdi for “Colonel Soraya”

Best Sound Recorder:

Bahman Ardalan for “Mud Room”

-Hossein Abolsedq for “Smart Kid”

-Masih Hadpour Seraj, Mehdi Javaherzadeh for “In the Arms of the Tree”

-Abbas Rastgarpour and Hossein Abolsedq for “Metropole Cinema”

-Farokh Fadaei, Arash Qasemi for “Number 10”

-Amir Nobakht, Alireza Alavian for “My Name Is Love”

Best Short Fiction Film:

-Director and Producer Mohammad Soraya for “Berno”

– Director and Producer Mohammad Reza Moradi for “Colorful”

-Producer Niloufar Zivardar, Director Vahid Nami, Navid Nami for “Central Hospital”

– Producer Mohammad Javad Mohammad, Director Mohammad Paydar for “Black Cola”

Best Full-Length Documentary

– Producer Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi Tabar, Director Zohreh Najafzadeh for “6,410 Days of Captivity”

– Producer and Director Farshad Afshin Pour for “Wilde Life of Zagros”

– Producer and Director Masoud Zareian for “Non-Residential”

Publicity Materials

Best Poster:

-Mohammad Rouh-ol Amini for “Biro”

-Mohammad Movahed Nia for “Talakhon”

Meisam Mirzaei for “Loser Man”

Best Trailer:

-Amin Salmani for “Silent Snail “

-Kioumars Bik Zand for “TT”

-Omid Mirzaei for “Amphibious”

Best Screenplay:

-Ali Ramezani for “Smart Kid”

-Babak Khajeh Pasha for “In the Arms of the Tree”

-Hamid Zargarnejad for “Number 10”

-Masoud Hashemi Nejad for “Leather Coat”

– Mohammad Ali, Hamed Bashe Ahangar for “Metropole Cinema”

-Pedram Pouramiri, Hossein Doumari for “My Name Is Love”

Best Leading Actress:

-Maral Bani Adam for “In the Arms of the Tree”

-Hoda Zeinolabedin for “Fragrant”

-Zhaleh Sameti for “Colonel Soraya”

-Sara Bahrami for “Orange Forest”

-Noushin Masoudian for “Metropole Cinema”

“Pardis Pourabedini” for “Strange”

Best Supporting Actress:

-Setareh Pesiani for “Leather Coat”

-Parivash Nazariyeh for “Metropole Cinema”

-Pantea Panahiha for “After Leaving”

-Sara Hatami for “Leather Coat”

-Ghazal Shakeri for “Sima’s Unfinished Story”

-Sahar Dolatshahi for “My Name Is Love”

-Roya Teimourian for “Leather Coat”

Best Leading Actor:

-Majid Salehi for “Number 10”

-Touraj Alvand for “Mud Room”

-Mostafa Zamani for “Fragrant”

-Mir Saeed Molavian for “Orange Forest”

-Ali Nasirian for “Seven Orange Blossoms”

-Javad Ezati for “Leather Coat”

-Vahid Rahbani for “My Name Is Love”

Best Supporting Actor:

-Mehran Ahmadi for “Strange”

-Houman Barqnavard for “Metropole Cinema”

-Amir Jafari for “They Loved Me”

-Pejman Jamshidi for “My Name Is Love”

-Sajad Babaei for “Maestro”

-Farhad Qaemian for “Strange”

-Rouhollah Zamani for “In the Arms of the Tree”

Best Director:

-Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar for “Metropole Cinema”

-Hossein Mirza Mohammadi for “Leather Coat”

-Mohammad Asgari for “Mud Room”

-Hadi Mohammadian, Behnoud Nekouei, Mohammad Javad Janati for “Smart Kid”

-Babak Khajeh Pasha for “In the Arms of the Tree”

-Hamid Zargarnejad for “Number 10”

-Mohammad Hossein Latifi for “Strange”

Best Film:

– “Smart Kid”, Produced by Hamed Jafari

– “Number 10”, Produced by Ebrahim Asghari

– “In the Arms of the Tree”, Produced by Mohammad Reza Mesbah

– “Metropole Cinema”, Produced by Seyyed Hamed Hosseini

– “Mud Room, Produced by Davoud Sabouri

– “Leather Coat”, Produced by Kamran Hejazi

– “My Name Is Love”, Produced by Mojtaba Rashvand

First Film Director:

– “Orange Forest” by Arman Khansarian

– “After Leaving” by Reza Nejati

– “Colonel Soraya” by Leili Aaj

– “Leather Coat” by Hossein Mirzamohammadi

– “In the Arms of the Tree” by Babak Khajeh Pasha

– “Mud Room” by Mohammad Asgari

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