Monday 22 April 2024
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An Actor Needs to Feel Good // Motamed Aria Gives Acting Tips



Acclaimed Iranian actress, Fatemeh Motamed Aria, talked about acting requirements at the Darolfonoun Section.

According to the public relations office of the 34th FIFF, Darolfonoun’s last workshop was held at the Festival Palace on Monday, April 26th. She was welcomed to the stage by Maziar Miri.

Iranian director and head of the Darolfonoun Section, Maziar Miri, took the stage at the beginning of the session and said, “Motemad Aria is among those actors who like cinema for the sake of cinema!”

Later on, a documentary, directed by Bahman and Bahram Ark, was screened. Feeling really touched by what she had seen, Motamed Aria said, “That was a very good example of what a film must make you feel like. It contained love and passion! The love for cinema that is actually what has put us together today. Today, I’d like to share my acting experiences with you.”

Unlike the workshops which were held throughout the festival, this workshop was devoid of any theoretical discussions. It actually involved a lot of body movements. The students were introduced to different gestures and movements and taught to use their bodies correctly.

In a friendly manner, the star of “Gilaneh” said, “We’re rude people! We haven’t even been taught to breathe well. You should practice everywhere and also teach others how to breathe appropriately. This is one of the requirements of having a healthy lifestyle.”

She emphasized, “Training your body makes it more and more flexible. You ought to know your body in order to be more successful in whatever career you have.”

She added, “If you’re expecting good things to come toward you, don’t turn back and look at the past. You should put the past behind. This is what I’ve personally been learning since my childhood.”

She then asked the students to suppose they’d been at an army camp and take all their body organs under control. “You can take any role if you learn to control your body.”, said Motamed Aria. “You must know you’re all cultured! So you should know how to breathe, see, hear, etc.”

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