Reza Mirkarimi- Festival Director

Mehdi Yazdani- Executive Director

Amir Esfandiari- Head of International Affairs

Publicity and Art Designs

Iraj Taghipour


Jafar Sane’I Moghaddam

Q & A and Workshops

Alireza ShojaNoori

Public Relations

Kayvan Kassirian

Protocol and Guest Coordination

Mohammad Salavati

Educational Programs

Shahab Esfandiari

Talent Campus

Maziar Miri

Festival Palace

Reza Kianian

Interior Designer

Mohsen ShahEbrahimi

Film Market

Mahdi Yadegari

International Coordinator

Kamyar Mohsenin

Screenings & Special Events

Seifollah Samadian

Screening Department

Afshin AssadZadeh


MohammadSadegh Mirkarimi

Fan Club

Shadmehr Rastin

Cultural Consultant

Akbar Nabavi. MohammadMahdi Dadgoo, Dr Hassan Riyazi

Reza Mirkarimi

رضا میرکریمی

Reza Mirkarimi, born in 1966 in Tehran, is an Iranian screenwriter and film director. He has graduated in Graphics from Tehran University, the Faculty of Fine Arts. He started his cinematic career with a 16mm short film, called “For Him“. He made his first feature film, “The Child and the Soldier“, in 1999 – a film which won him national and international recognition. Ever since, he has written and directed several critically acclaimed films, such as, “Under the Moonlight“, “Here a Light Is Shining“, “So Close, So Far“, “As Simple As That“, “A Cube of Sugar“, “Today“, and “The Girl“. His latest film, “The Girl” was nominated for 7 Crystal Simorghs at the 34th Fajr Film Festival. Mirkarimi is the Managing Director of Khaneh Cinema since April, 2015.

Mehdi Yazdani

مهدی یزدانی

Mehdi Yazdani, born in 1965, has been the Executive Deputy of Fajr International Film Festival and International Children and Young Adults Film Festival. He has also worked as the Managing Director of the Visual Media Institute, the Deputy of the Film Provision and Distribution Department and the Executive Deputy of Farabi Cinematic Foundation, and the Senior Advisor of Planning and Development of Khaneh Cinema.

Reza Kianian


Reza Kianian was born in 1951, Tehran. He is an actor in cinema, theatre and television, writer, designer, and photographer. He began his career in cinema in 1989 with Hamid Samandarian’s film, “All of the Earth’s Temptations” but his role in Ahmad Reza Darvish’s “Kimia” helped him to be known as a cinema star. He won his first Simorgh of Fajr International Film Festival for “The Glass Agency” as the best supporting actor and his first Simorgh of best actor for “A House Built on Water”, but they are just number of his cinematic awards during the years of his activity.

Amir Esfandiari

Born in 1957 in Tehran, Amir Esfandiari is a graduate of Business Management from Massachusetts Northeastern University. After his return to Iran, he worked on a number of co-production film projects such as Ron Fricke’s BARAKA (1992). In 1993, he started his collaboration with Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCF) as chief executive of Co-production Department.

In 1997, Esfandiari began his work as Head of International Affairs in FCF. Since then he has served as a jury member in a number of  different international events such as Olympia Int’l Film Festival as president of the jury, Cairo International Children Film Festival, Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Armenia Film Festival for Children & Youth, International Children Bangalore Film Festival as president of the jury, Tokyo Kinder Film Festival, China International Children Film Festival, Istanbul Bosphorus Film Festival and so forth.

His other professional activities include: Director of international affairs in Fajr International Film Festival (1997-2012), Director of international affairs in Children and Young Adults International Film Festival (since 1997),Director of international affairs in Oil International Film Festival (2003) , Deputy Chairman of 48th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Iran-Shiraz (2003), Director of international affairs in Kish International Film Festival (2011) , Founder and Director of Iranian International Market for Films & TV Programmes (1997-2012) ,Member of selection committee of Fajr International Film Festival & Children and Young Adults International Film Festival (1997-2013) ,Chairperson of Iranian selection committee of best film for Academy of Motion Pictures  since 1997, Founder of the International Competition Section of Fajr International Film Festival (1997), Founder of Iran’s Cinema Umbrella in International Film Markets,  Vice President and Board Member of CIFEJ (2002 to 2007), Member of Board of Directors of Asia- Pacific Film Festival (since 2000).

Iraj Taghipour

ایرج تقی پور

Iraj Taghipour, born in 1958 in Tehran, graduated in Physics from Sharif University of Technology. He established the Photography Department of the Central Office of Construction Jihad in 1979. He has produced many films, such as, “Negin“, “Dancing in the Dust“, “The Beautiful City“, “The Empty Seat“, etc. He is one of the members of the Policy Making Council of “Art & Experience” Cinema.

Jafar Saneie Moghadam

جعفر صانعی مقدم

Jafar Saneie Moghadam, born in 1958 in Tehran, graduated in Computer Engineering from Shahid Beheshti University. He has worked as the Producer of the War Department of IRIB TV1, the Managing Director of Iranian Youth Cinema Society, the Managing Director of the Department of Supervision and Assessment, an international jury member of International Amateur Filmmakers (UNICA), etc. He is one of the members of the Policy Making Council of “Art & Experience Cinematic Group“.

Alireza Shojanouri

alireza shoja noori

Alireza Shojanouri, born in 1955 in Shiraz, is a cinematic manager, actor, and producer with a B.Sc. in biology from Shahid Beheshti University, and a Italian Literature from Tehran University. He started his career in IRNA in 1980. His film production career started in 2008. Shojanouri was appointed as the International Affairs Advisor of the Cinematic Organization in 2013. Throughout his acting career, he has starred in many films, like, “The Fateful Day“, “Doubt“, “Muhammad, the Messenger of God“, etc.

Kayvan Kassirian

کیوان کثیریان

Kayvan Kassirian, born in 1971 in Babol, is a journalist and film critic. He studied Agricultural Engineering at the University of Shiraz also graduated in Journalism from the Media Studies Center. He started his journalistic career in 1989 and in the mid 90s, he started collaborating with specialized film criticism magazines. Kassirian has been a member of the National Canon of Iranian Theater Critics and the editor in chief of several magazines. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of “Art & Experience” magazine, the Director of the Cinematheque of the Iranian House of Artists, the editor-in-chief of the cinematic website “”, and a member of the Central Committee of the Society of Iranian Writers & Film Critics.

Mohammad Ibrahim Salavatifard

محمد صلواتی

Mohammad Ibrahim Salavatifard, born in 1952 in Tehran, studied Physics in Iran’s National University. He is one of the senior TV producers with a lot of management experience in IRIB. He has been a member of the selection board in nine editions of Fajr International Film Festival. Salavatifard has also worked as the VIP and ceremonies Manager of AIBD, and ABU conferences, and supervised the Department of the Journalists in the Islamic Summits Conference.

Maziar Miri

مازیار میری

Maziar Miri, born in 1971 in Tehran, is a film director, editor, and executive producer, who graduated from Iran Broadcasting University. He started his filmmaking career in the 90s, making short films. Miri’s most notable films include “The Unfinished Song“, “Gradually“, “The Book of Law“, “Felicity Land“, and “The Painting Pool.”

Mohsen Shah Ebrahimi

محسن شاه ابراهیمی

Mohsen Shah Ebrahimi is an art director, costume designer and actor. Born in 1954, Iran, he studied art directing in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze , Italy. He started his career with “By the Ponds” by Yadollah Noasri in 1986. Shah Ebrahimi has been art designer of “Mohammad” by Majid Majidi and cooperated with Reza Mirkarimi in “ A Cube of Sugar” also many other films.


Kamyar Mohsenin

Kamyar Mohsenin

Born in 1971 in Tehran, Kamyar MOHSENIN studied Control & Instrument Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. After working as film critic and translator with different film magazines as well as Iranian National Film Archive publications, he started an analytical TV Program, “Film 90’s”, as researcher and co-creator in 1996. He co-wrote his first book, “James Bond, 35 Years with a Phenomenon” in 1997. Mohsenin began his collaboration with Farabi Cinema Foundation as Research Executive in 1998. Since then, he has been involved in organization of such international film events as Fajr, Iranian Film Market, Children and Young Adults, Kish, Urban, etc. and publication of “Annual Selection of  Iranian Films”, “Iranian Film Market Guide” and so on. Mohsenin has been a lecturer in different courses on the history of cinema and also a film critic in International Film Guide, film magazines, papers and TV programs.


Sayfollah Samadian


Seyfollah Samadian is a filmmaker, photographer, and cinematographer who was born in Urumia, Iran in 1943. He studied English Literature at university but his main activities revolve around photography, cinematography and film making.

He published the monthly Image (Tasvir) in the 80s, he is experienced in teaching Photojournalism at Tehran University, Art university and Islamic Azad university. Samadian is the one who founded the Image of the Year (Tasvir-e Saal)gala and Tasvir Festival as he is also the director of the mentioned event. He is a member of policy makers of Art and Experience Cinematic Group (Honar o Tajrobe). He is also a co-founder of the Iranian photographer association. Samadian has cooperated in the cinematography of  ‘ABC Africa‘, ‘The Roads‘, and ‘Five‘ with Abbass Kiarostami.


Afshin Asadzadeh


Afshin Asadzadeh was born in 1973. He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and received his Master’s degree in Executive Management. He has been Vice president of supply and production programs of Visual Media Institute, the director of Home entertainment Network, consultant f providing and production management of Visual Media Institute, and secretariat of Council for Home Entertainment Network And Video Production License.


Mohammad Sadegh Mirkarimi


Mohammad Sadegh Mirkarimi was born in 1988, Zanjan. He is graduated in Mechanical engineering and has been project control supervisor for screening “A Cube of Sugar” and “Today” and was production manager of “Daughter”.



Shadmehr Rastin

shadmehr rastin

Shadmehr Rastin was born in 1965, Tehran. He was graduated from University of Tehran in Architecture and studied Cinema in Islamic Centre for Filmmaking in “Bagh Ferdows”. He has made “offside”, “Zagros”, “As Simple as That”, “A Few Days Later”, and “That Man Came”.

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