Wednesday 24 April 2024
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Aslani; FIFF Is Advantageous for Young Cinephiles

The star of “The Girl”, believes the FIFF programs and workshops to be of great use for young cinephiles.

In an interview with the public relations office of the 34th FIFF, Farhad Aslani mentioned, “This is the second time the international section of Fajr is being held independently. Last year, the festival wasn’t received well by a large number of cineastes. As a matter of fact, they were not satisfied with the organization of the festival. This year, Reza Mirkarimi has accepted to be the director of the festival, though. He has a lot of experience in this domain, therefore, I guess we ought not to prejudge the quality of the festival.”

He added, “Considering the religious mentality ruling our society and in particular Iranian people’s mindset about cinema, I reckon we can hardly call this festival an international event. It’s not possible for us to screen many films due to our social and cultural norms and limitations and this is what an international event like FIFF suffers from.”

Aslani also referred to the participation of several distinguished cineastes in this edition of the festival and the workshops which are going to be instructed by some of them. He said, “This festival is the right place for young cinephiles – those who are always looking for a chance to participate in workshops. I’m sure they’re waiting to take advantage of the festival programs and improve their cinematic knowledge.”

The 34th edition of Fajr International Film Festival will be held from April 20th to April 25th, 2016 in Charsou Cineplex, under the supervision of the well-known Iranian filmmaker, Mr. Reza Mirkarimi, who is also the Managing Director of Khaneh Cinema.

For more information on Fajr International Film Festival, visit the festival website,

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