Thursday 29 February 2024
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Closing ceremony of 42nd FIFF in Tehran

Closing ceremony of 42nd FIFF in Tehran

The closing ceremony of the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) is underway in Milad Tower, west of Tehran, on Sunday (February 11, 2024).

A number of cinematographers, actors, actresses, directors of the festival and media members are present in the ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran was played and some parts of Holy Quran were recited.

The host of the ceremony, Mohammad Reza Shahidifar, described this year’s Fajr Festival as one of the most outstanding ones.

During the past 10 days, many cinemas screened the 33 movies participated in the 42nd edition of the festival, he said adding that the movies in the international section were screened at Milad Tower.

Below is the list of the awards presented at the ceremony:

Interfaith Section

Crystal Simorgh to Daryoush Yari for “Passion of Love”

Diploma of Honor to Mahmoud Kalari for “Summer of the Same Year”

Resistance Section

Crystal Simorgh to Kheirollah Taghiyani Pour for “Heart of Raqqa”

Diploma of Honor to Mohammad Hossein Haghighat for “Flight No. 175”

Cinema Salvation
Crystal Simorgh for the Outstanding Artistic Contribution: Angelo Rallis for “Mighty Afarin: in TIME of FLOOD” (from Greece and Bangeladesh)

Crystal Simorgh for the Best Script: Alessandro Bardani for “The Best Century of My Life” (from Italy)

Crystal Simorgh for the Best Director: Alejandro Rojas and Juan Vasquez for the film “Upon Entry” (from Spain)

Special Jury Award: Mahmoud Kalari for “Summer of the Same Year” (from Iran)

Crystal Simorgh for the Best Film: “Blaga’s Lessons” directed by Steohen Komandarev (from Bulgaria and Germany)

New Outlook Section
Crystal Simorgh for Best First-Film Director: “Projectionist” (Directed: Ali Taherfar)

Crystal Simorgh for Best Director: Javad Ezzati for “Blood Alligator”

Crystal Simorgh for Best First Film: “Parviz Khan” (Producer: Ata Panahi)

Crystal Simorgh for Outstanding Artistic Contribution: “Kianoush’s Garden” (Director: Reza Keshavarz)

Best Visual Effects
Crystal Simorgh to Mohammad Baradaran for the film “Ahmad”

Best Makeup
Crystal Simorgh to Morteza Kahzadi for the film “Ahmad”

Best Set Design
Crystal Simorgh to Kamyab Amin Ashayari for the film “Summer of the Same Year”

Best Costume Design:
Crystal Simorgh to Mehrnoosh Bayani for the film “Summer of the Same Year”

Best Audio Recording:
Crystal Simorgh to Amir Ashegh-Hosseini for the film “The Heart of Raqqa”

Best Sound Editing
Crystal Simorgh to Bahman Ardalan for the film “The West Sky”

Best Original Score

Crystal Simorgh to Majid Entezami for the film “About Majnoon”

Best Editing
Crystal Simorgh to Hassan Hassandoust for the film “Parviz Khan”

Best Cinematography

Crystal Simorgh to Kouhyar Kalari for the film “Summer of the Same Year”

Best Supporting Actor

Crystal Simorgh to Behzad Khalaj for the film “About Majnoon”

Best Supporting Actress
Crystal Simorgh to Shabnam Ghorbani for the film “About Majnoon”

Diploma of Honor for *Mahroo Honahali* for “Summer of the Same Year”

Best Leading Actor

Arastoo Khoshrazm for the film “Morning of Execution”

Best Leading Actress
Crystal Simorgh to Maral Baniasadi for the film “Parvin”

Diploma of Honor to Sara Rashidi for the film “Ahmad”

Best Script

Diplma of Honor to Ali Saghafi for the film “Parviz Khan”

Best First Film
Crystal Simorgh to “Parviz Khan” produced by Ata Panahi

Best Director

Behrouz Afkhami for the film “Morning of Execution”

Best Film

“About Majnoon” produced by Abbas Naderan

Best Technical and Artistic Contribution

Crystal Simorgh and Diploma of Honorto Ata Panahi for “Parviz Khan”

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