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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
IFM 7th-11th.February.2024

Article 1: Preliminary

The Iranian Film Market (IFM) is one of the main sections of Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF), as the main international event supported by Iran’s Cinema Organization.

Article 2: Aims and Objectives

The 25th Iranian International Market for Films and TV programs (IFM) will take place in Tehran from February 7th-11th, 2024.
The market is trying to create a platform for promotion and distribution of family, humane and moral contents avoiding violence, eroticism and nudity. To achieve so, IFM provides exclusive meeting and exchange opportunities for all the attending producers, distributors, exhibitors and sales agents of films and TV programs. The main focus of this edition of the market is on contents from the Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus and  Anatolia.

Article 3: Registration

Only professionals are allowed to register and participate in IFM, particularly buyers, sellers, distributors, producers, investors, cinema operators and representatives of TV, Home Entertainment/VOD and New Media market.
All attending professionals (either as exhibitors or non-exhibitors with no stand) shall register through IFM Online Accreditation gateway (accessible through

Article 4: Deadline

All entry forms shall be submitted to IFM via or email not later than 21st December, 2024. Late registrations will not be guaranteed.

Article 5: Data & Information

Address and contact details submitted to IFM will be published in official guide of Festival as through other IFM publications. Participants are thus expected to check the accuracy of submitted information.
All necessary information and publicity materials required for publications in the Market Guide must reach IFM before March 10th, 2020. Participants are also welcome to apply to advertise their companies and products in the guide, all subject to codes and regulations of the Cinema Organization. The advertising fee in Market Guide is 300 Euros per page.

Article 6: Conditions of Stand Reservation

Subject to availability, IFM will allocate an approximate 3×3 sq. m stand to every exhibitor, equipped with a set of chairs, a table, monitor and a DVD player. Exhibitors, who favor bigger stands, should submit their request well in advance. Each confirmed apply for stand will so have two free market badges.
Reservation of an exhibition space does not guarantee a specific space in terms of actual position of stand. Stand arrangements will be made according to overall layout of IFM and the nature of exhibitor’s activities.
IFM is dedicated to best fulfill requests made by exhibitors in terms of stand arrangement, giving priority to returning companies. However, IFM reserves the right to make final decision regarding the size and location of each stand at its own discretion, which may include change or move of stands if necessary.
NOTE: Publicity, promotion, and display of films or TV programs outside of the allocated stand area are strictly forbidden.

Article 7: Stand Interior Decoration

While decorating the interiors of the stands, exhibitors must be cautious not to damage the panels and construction of the stands. Exhibitors will be liable for any thus damage made.
All posters, photographs and artworks used for decoration purposes must follow the codes and regulations of the Cinema Organization.

Article 8: Screenings in the Stand Area

If any screening is made within the stand area or in video rooms, headphones should be used at all times, to avoid disturbance of other fellow stand holders. Furthermore, participants are highly recommended to showcase their films or TV programs with English subtitles or in English versions.

Article 9: Managing of stands during the IFM

IFM will take place from February 7th to 11th, 2024 from 15:00 P.M. to 23:00 P.M. in Tehran. Stands must be fully set up in time for the opening. Moreover, dismantling cannot start before the last day of the IFM.
Stands have to be manned and operated by at least one representative during the opening hours of IFM and for the entire duration of the event. If the exhibitor leaves before the official ending time, the stand must be cleaned and left fully decorated before departure.

Article 10: Internet Access

Free high speed internet access will be provided by IFM to all participants limited to the area of market venue.

Article 11: Liability of the Organizer

The premises of IFM are under surveillance at all times. However, IFM does not take any liability for any theft of property (personal or rented). Moreover, it is expected that all exhibitors take care of all valuable objects, especially laptops, and other portable items. IFM reserves the right to charge exhibitors for any damage made to stands, equipment and furniture.

Article 12: Exclusion

IFM reserves the right to exclude the exhibitor or any of the representatives on a temporary or permanent basis in case of violation of any article of the General Terms and Conditions to which the exhibitor has agreed to upon signature of the rental contract. The IFM also reserves the rights to cancel participation badges and refuse access to those who violate the terms and conditions of the contract.

Article 13: Screening of Films and TV Programs

Films which infringe legal judgments or international conventions, especially intellectual ownership and plagiarism are automatically excluded and are not allowed to participate in IFM. The organizer of the market refrains from making any qualitative evaluation of such film or TV programs.
A selection of new Iranian films will be exclusively screened (with English Subtitle) in a special theater for the market international participants.

IFM Date: February 7th  to 11th , 2024
Registration Deadline: Market Guide: 21/12/2023

Late registration: 30/12/2023

Festival &Market Screenings: 09:00 A.M to 23:00 P.M
Market working hours: 15:00 P.M to 23:00 P.M
IFM 2024(The 25th  Iranian Film Market)
42th   Fajr International Film Festival

Address: Ehtesham Alley, Valiasr Ave. Tavanir St.

Tehran, Iran

Tel : +98 (21) 88194248

WhatsApp & Telegram

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