Tuesday 28 May 2024
10:55 PM | | 42 Fajr

Iran Cinema head urges filmmakers to depict crimes in Gaza

Iran Cinema head urges filmmakers to depict crimes in Gaza

Mohammad Khazaee, the head of the Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs delivered a speech to the closing ceremony of the 42nd Fajr Inernational Film Festival (FIFF) on Sunday, urging the filmmakers to be responsibe for depicting the crimes being committed in Gaza.

During his speech, Khazaee addressed the participating filmmakers from 70 countries at the event.

“Sadly, we lost well-known artists last year.”
Iranian Minister of Culture and the Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili did his best to solve the economic issues of the Iranian artists over the past year, Khazaee underlined.
Iranians have welcomed the cinematic works recently, he said, stressing the need for solidarity among filmmakers, film casts, and all activists in the cinema sector.
“We have planned to increase the number of cinemas to 1,000” until the term of Ebrahim Raisi’s administration, he pointed out.
Nearly 4,300 cinematic works of various types have been made in the country, he stated.
The film production needs support from different sponsors such as organizations, he underscored.
Almost 10,000 children and young adults have been martyred in the Gaza war, he said, terming the genocide in Gas as “unprecedented”.
Khazaee went on to say that resistance will be further united in Palestine.

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