Thursday 18 July 2024
10:08 PM | | 42 Fajr

Special Meeting with Participation of Turkish Filmmakers

Special Meeting with Participation of Turkish Filmmakers

A special meeting was convened on the sidelines of the 8th day of 42nd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) in Tehran with the director of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) Cinema, Faruk Güven in attendance.

During the meeting on the theme of the joint production in the field of cinema, a number of reporters including those from the International Section of the Festival were present.

Mr. Güven elaborated on the existing facilities and potential for co-production of the works by playing two video clips.

In his remarks, the TRT Cinema director thanked the 2024 edition of FIFF for providing the ground for holding such a conference to exchange viewpoints.

He said he and his team are here as they’re invited by the 42nd FIFF.

TRT’s cinematic activities include producing mainstream films, animations, and artistic works, the director added.

Güven went on to say that the TRT enjoys 18 TV channels.

Also in the meeting, the potential of the TRT was presented through a video clip titled 12-PUNTO.

Established in 2019, 12-PUNTO welcomes entries such as Turkish features, and short films, as well as international features.

The 42nd FIFF kicked off in Milad Tower, west of Tehran on February 1, and will end on February 11.

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