German Distributor: Film Market Is Important to Our European Clients

Manfred Kritsch, the Deutsche Welle (DW) distribution executive for Asia, says he has come to this year’s Fajr Film Market because it helps bridge the gap between his European clients and the Asian market. Here is a quick chat with the DW executive: What brought you to this year’s Film Market? We are looking for

Tomorrow Morning Sokurov Will Hold Workshop

  Three Workshops Will be Held on the 2nd Day of the FIFF by Kalari, Motamen and the Russian acclaimed director, Alexander Sokurov. Three workshops will be held on the 2nd day of the FIFF, April 23rd, under the supervision of Mahmoud Kalari, Farzad Motamen and Alexander Sokurov. According to the public relations office the

An Interview with Manfred Kritsch from Deusche Welle , the Broad Caster from Germany, at Iran Film Market of the 34th FIFF Each Year, There Are More and More Interesting People Coming to this Festival Who Are Getting More Interested in this Event

  Mr. Manfred Kritsch is from Cologn and is the presenter of Deutsche Welle, which has been a regular presence at the IFM since 2003 has been following all new Iranian films. Deutsche Welle is here at the IFM to present its productions to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). He noted that since

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