The Big Surprise of the FIFF: What Is Being Displayed In The Special Events Section Of The Festival?

The director of screenings and Special Events of the FIFF announced plans to hold a special photo exhibition upon the special screening of the films ‘Cow’ and ‘The Lover’s Wind’. Speaking about the reason of his cooperation with the 34th Fajr International Film Festival, Seyfollah Samadian, the director of screenings and Special Events of the

A New Manager Is Joining the 34th FIFF

  In a special ceremony, Seyfollah Samadian was appointed as the screening manager of the festival by Reza Mirkarimi. According to the public relations office of the 34th FIFF, Samadian is a cineaste, filmmaker, and photographer. He teaches photojournalism at university and is the director of the Image of the Year and the Image Festivals.

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