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Veteran Film Critic Surprised by Warm Reception: The Veteran Critic and Director of ‘The New Wave’ Expresses Satisfaction with the Organization of FIFF



In an interview with the public relations office of the 34th Fajr International Film Festival, Ahmad Talebinejad, the director of ‘The New Wave’, whose film was screened and warmly received in both of its screenings, said, “I didn’t really expect such a good festival and warm reception of ‘The New Wave’, particularly, the fact that the international guests liked the film. I received some invitations to festivals, but it is to be decided by the producer”.

“On the first day of the festival, although there was a good atmosphere, I could not imagine such a roused reception and enthusiasm and such high-quality workshops,” he continued.

Having been active as a cinema critic for many years, Talebinejad believed that the presence of international guests and legends in the world of cinema like Alexander Sokurov is one of the good aspects of the festival.

“After one or two private screenings, we intend to screen ‘The New Wave’ in the Art & Experience Cinema section,” Talebinejad stated.

The 34th edition of Fajr International Film Festival is being held from April 20th to April 25th, 2016 in Charsou Cineplex, under the supervision of the well-known Iranian filmmaker, Mr. Reza Mirkarimi, who is also the Managing Director of Khaneh Cinema.

For more information on Fajr International Film Festival, visit the festival website,



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