FIFF 2021 Celebrities and Special Guests Photos | Sixth Day

The 38th Fajr International Film Festival is underway in the Iranian capital until June 2.

Hossein Entezami Visits 38th FIFF

Director of the Cinema Organization of Iran Hossein Entezami paid a visit to the main venue of the 38th Fajr International Film Festival.

FIAPF Welcomes FIFF as New Accredited Competitive Festival

FIAPF has welcomed the Fajr International Film Festival as a new FIAPF-accredited competitive non-specialised festival.

Kamyar Mohsenin: Directors Can Make It Big Through Personal Efforts

Mohsenin says filmmakers like Kiarostami and Farhadi didn’t follow cliches or formulas.

Mahmoud Kalari on Iranian Cinema

According to famous director of photography, in Iranian cinema, the experimental nature was stronger than the professional one.

Ian Christie, Javad Tousi, Shahram Mokri Workshops

Film critic Ian Christies, tutor and historian Javad Tousi, and director Shahram Mokri are sharing their invaluable experiences in the film industry with workshop students and fans.

Frederic Maire on Swiss Cinema – Part Two

Former artistic director of Locarno Film Festival held a workshop at the 38th FIFF.

Majid Majidi: FIAPF’s FIFF Accreditation Great Achievement for Iranian Cinema

According to Majidi, Iranian cinema keeps shining in the international arena despite challenges and difficulties.

FIFF 2021 Celebrities and Special Guests Photos | Fifth Day

Fajr International Film Festival is a large industry event that screens films for celebrities, other insiders, and film buffs.

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