Thursday 18 July 2024
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The Festival Ambience Is Great/There Are New Talents In Iran Cinema// Interview with Eivind Grotteland from Norway and Pascal Traechslin from Switzerland



Pascal Traechslin is a Swiss producer who comes to Iran for the first time and enjoyed watching Cow so much. Eivind Grotteland is a program and print coordinator from Norway and he is here to buy some Iranian movies for the festivals in Norway. They both really like Tehran and they are in Iran to become familiar with Iranian culture too.

How do you see the atmosphere of the 34th Fajr International Film Festival?

Pascal: it is great and the atmosphere is really calm as you can talk with people and the halls are really great. I also like the festival palace, it is really beautiful. I say the organization is really good and the organizers have done a great job.

Eivind: I think the same. The atmosphere is really good and there are good films in the festival. It is really good that everybody can talk English here.

What does motivate you to participate in the festival?

Pascal: I produced an Iranian movie last year and I am going to go through Iranian cinema business more so I am here to watch Iranian film and get to know Iranian culture more effectively via hanging out with Iranian people.

Eivind: I am here to buy some Iranian movies for some festivals in Norway. I also want to visit Iran in person and learn about your country.


Do you like movies that you have seen in the festival by now?

Pascal: I have seen some movies by now including Cow and I enjoyed the movie a lot. I also watched Love Marriage in Kabul and I like it too. In addition, I really like the market.

Eivind: I agree with Pascal on Love Marriage in Kabul and I also watched Frenzy and I like it as well.

Which Iranian director is your favorite?

Pascal: I like Asghar Farhadi and his cinema. There are also many new film makers like Ida Panahandeh who I bought her film, Nahid, last year. However, it takes time for a director to get enough attention so new talents should be patient.

Eivind: Asghar Farhadi is really good and I like also Kiarostami`s films. It is important for Iran cinema to have stars like them. Iran cinema is really strong.

Did you have any prejudice before coming to Iran?

Pascal: No I had not any prejudice otherwise I would not come to Iran. People are really nice here.

Eivind: I heard things about Iran and also I have seen films about Iran but I was coming here I was very open. I find Tehran very friendly city and simple to live.

How do you see the influence of red lines on Iran cinema?

Pascal: as I am coming from a country that almost everything is free. Restrictions are not good for art but ethical lines are really important.

Eivind: restrictions force Iranian directors to become really creative and from this point of the view it is positive.


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