It’s a Privilege to Get to Know Cinema Industries in the Periphery through Fajr: An Interview with Jose Luis Guerin, Spanish Jury Member at the Cinema Salvation Section

Born in 1960 in Barcelona, Jose Luis Guerin, is one of the most influential, most innovative European documentary makers with a unique place in the absolutely dynamic, yet still underrated Catalan Cinema. A noble, insightful director, Guerin also teaches at Pompeu Fabra University. He has managed to bring a new experimental spirit to Spanish and

An Interview with Zaza Khalvashi, Director of Solomon, the Georgian Film: I Was Growing Up Watching Iranian Films

      Zaza Khalvashi was born on May 17, 1957 in Batumi, Adjar ASSR, Georgian SSR, USSR [now Republic of Georgia]. He is a director and writer, known for Mizerere (1996), Ik-Chemtan (1990) and The Wishing Tree (1977). Solomon, his latest movie, has won the best film of the year from Georgia film festival

Vahid Esfandiari on the 19th IFM: This Edition’s Market Held with a Different Approach

The Sales and Acquisitions Executive at the 19th IFM emphasized that a different approach has been taken to the organization of the film market in this edition.

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