Mahmoud Kalari on Iranian Cinema

According to famous director of photography, in Iranian cinema, the experimental nature was stronger than the professional one.

Unique Features and Memorable Scenes of “The Bridge” from Mahmoud Kalari’s Point of View

Mahmoud Kalari, Iranian veteran cameraman, believes “The Bridge” documentary is a wonderful and memorable film. Mahmoud Kalari about the features of The Bridge said, “one of the features of this documentary is that the filmmaker is merged into the film and you can say he wholeheartedly combined with the film.” He continued, “another feature is

A Report of Mahmoud Kalari’s Workshop //Kalari; Photography Activates Mind and Is a Prerequisite for Pursuing Cinema

Mahmoud Kalari believes photography is a prerequisite for entering the cinema industry. He said, “Cinema students ought to pursue photography seriously and enter the world of cinema with a specific target.”

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