Netpac Juror Tolentino: Iranian Cinema Is Taught at Philippines Universities

Rolando B. Tolentino says the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication and Faculty of the UP Film Institute offer courses in Iranian-language films and cinema. Tolentino is the dean of the university and member of the the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) jury at this year’s Fajr. He has taught

Michael Haneke’s Producer Heiduschka: Films Are the Visiting Cards of Countries

Veit Heiduschka is an A-list Austrian film producer. He has produced about 50 feature films with international contributors and well-known directors such as Michael Haneke. Here is an interview with him on the sidelines of the ongoing Fajr event: You have been closely associated with Fajr since 1998. How do you see the quality development

Krisco Media FZC Director: Fajr Film Market Is Fantastic

Ranchor Jumani is the director of Krisco Media FZC from India. He is attending in this year’s Fajr Film Market. Is this your first time to Fajr? I have visited Iran many times already. What brought you to this year’s Fajr? I am the director of Krisco Media FZC and I am here to sell

Latvia Natl. Film Center Officials: We Are Making Links Between Two Different Cultures

Dita Rietuma and Agnese Zapane are director and senior officer of the National Film Center of Latvia. The center’s main task is to implement the country’s national policy in film and cinema industry and to allocate the necessary budget for the filmmaking industry. They represent Latvian cinema in Fajr and they tell us they are

Munich Festival Programmer: Fajr Is Best Place to Promote Iranian Art and Culture

The festival press department of Fajr Film Festival continues to interview on the sidelines of this year’s run. Here is a quick chat with Bernhard Karl, the international programmer for Munich Film Festival: What brought you this year’s event? This is my first time in Iran, but I have always wanted to pay a visit

Mar Del Plata Festival Programmer: Filmmakers Should Cooperate – Religion and Culture Notwithstanding

The 35th Fajr International Film Festival kicked off Friday in presence of local and international filmmakers, sellers and film students. Reza Mirkarimi, Iranian well-known filmmaker is the director of this year’s edition. The participants come from different Asian, European, African and American countries, some of whom have been interviewed by the festival press department. Following

Russian Students: Fajr Workshops Should Become Longer Courses

Yana Yurysheva is a 26-year-old Russian film student and an amateur film maker who has taken part in workshops of this year’s Fajr. It’s her first visit to Iran. She has made 7 short movies and is attending the festival with her friend, Sasha Karmaeva, who is also a film student and an amateur director.

Malaysia’s MEASAT VP: Iranian Cinema Has Important Place in Asia

Ho Hock Doong, the senior assistant and vice president of MEASAT Broadcast Network and Astro production in Kuala Lumpur, believes Iranian cinema has an important place in Asia and in the world. Here is a quick chat with her on the sidelines of the ongoing Film Market event at Fajr: Tell us about yourself and

Korean Festival Director: Fajr Is Useful Marketplace for Films

Kim Ji-Souk is the program director of Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. He has made substantial contribution to discovering and presenting new film talent from throughout Asia. Thanks to his efforts, the festival has become the central hub of Asian cinema and one of the most important film events in the world. Here

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