Keeping a Promise to Yourself \ Amir Pourya Review of “The Miner”

Many human concepts like defending your rights, is the old value of the Orient. But in recent decades, we see the effort to remember this values in US cinema. It is not important that how many of these movies are original and slogan. It is important that US cinema can give its heroes “over reality”

The Historical Relationship of Crime and Cover-Up \ Saeed aqiqi Review of “The Miner”

An apparent surprise of Slovenian cinema, with one of the victims of the Bosnian war in the center of the drama, which is apparently refugee, But in fact because of family history (Alia has lost her sister in the Bosnian war) and his job (a miner who is searching for mineral resources but he exhumes

Monsters are Eternal \ Ayda Panahande Review of “The Miner”

As long as we are obedient we will be counted as a good citizen, or civilized immigrants who are absorbed into the new culture and society. If you belong to minority or migrants group, you will be punished the instant you demonstrate your first protest against the ruling order. Alia, a miner from Bosnia and

A Gem from Polish Cinema \ Mohamadresa Farzad Review of “The Sea Stares At Us”

The film’s narrative is based on the Catholic ceremony of Communion and the first bread and wine sacrament of a torn family. Like Pawel Pawlikowski’s “Ida”, the film tells the story of an adolescent’s puberty in a religion based on worship and doctrine; the story of an adolescent’s frustration and desperation, who desperately hopes to

A Hero of Our Time \ Majid Eslami Review of “Reza”

Reza (Alireza Motamedi) is perhaps one of the most interesting “first films” of Iranian Cinema in recent years; a very personal film which defines itself with wandering of its main male character at the uncertainty period of his life, after the end of an affair and before beginning it again (something like Antonioni’s Eclipse, without

A Warm Love Story \ Sahar Asrazad Review of “Hendi & Hormoz”

“The Indian and the Hormoz” is the second movie of Abbas Amini based on a joint script by him and Hossein Farokhzad. The film is about the marriage of the children in south of Iran and in Hormoz Island. The filmmaker chooses the native cast to play the real role and this makes his movie

A Critique of The Social Norms of A Law-escaping Society \ Azizollah haji mashhadi Review of “ It’s The Law!”

“It’s The Law!” a film by Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Picone, is screening as part of the “A Retrospective of Italian Cinema” section at the 36th FIFF. It is a social film that explores the political aspects of Italian society, often through a comedic lens. The subject of elections and their aftermath have been explored in

A Tribute to Cinema \ Mehrzad Danesh Review of “Little Tito and the Aliens”

Perhaps after “E.T” (Steven Spielberg / 1982), the best children’s film dealing with aliens and extraterrestrials, is Paola Randi’s “Little Tito and the Aliens”. However, the story of her film is perhaps closer to “Contact” (Robert Zemeckis / 1997): The pursuit of contacting the deceased through radio waves beamed into space, done here in a

“Avanti” Means “Come In”! \ Amir Pourya Review of “Little Tito and the Aliens”

Italian and American cinema have always had a special relationship that has captured the attention of people around the globe. From the popularity of Sophia Loren in America to the critical success of Fellini’s films and the box office success of “Life is Beautiful” this special connection is readily apparent. It seems that Italian’s raw

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