Exclusive Interview with Mario Damas Nunes; The Critic Ambassador

  Although it was the very last day of 34th FIFF and nobody was expecting any international high profile figure, but we received the Ambassador of Portugal in Tehran who happened to be a former movie critic back home during the 70’s, and he was in Fajr because he wanted to apply some Portuguese movies

Bjarni Sigurbjornsson, Icelandic Production Designer: Rams is about Love for the Land

  Bjarni Sigurbjornsson, an Icelandic production designer is one of the crew of the movie “Rams”. The movie was sent to Oscars as the representative of Iceland. Can you introduce yourself? My name is Bjarni Sigurbjornsson. I am a production designer from Iceland. Is this your first time attending Fajr International Film Festival? Yes, this

Albert Yao, the President of Swallow Wings Films from Taiwan: We Are All Participating In A Big Group Work

  Albert Yao, Graduate Student of geography from the National Taiwan University, is the president of Swallow Wings Films, a company from Taiwan, Ltd. This company is a film distributer of Taiwan, which has released many quality films in the past few years. Is this your first time that you experience participating Fajr International Film

I Know Iranian Cinema Through Abbas Kiarostami; Nobuhiro SUWA, the Japanese Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts

      Nobuhiro Suwa, (born May 28, 1960 in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture) is a Japanese film director working in Japan and France. He’s graduated from School of Film and Media in Tokyo and now as a professor is teaching cinema at Tokyo University of the Arts.   Is this your first time coming to

Representative of FIPRESCI, Barbara Lorey: This Edition Was A Really Improvement

  Barbara Lorey is a Paris-based freelance journalist and film-critic for German and French daily newspapers and periodicals. She is also representative of FIPRESCI association who was international guest of the previous edition of FIFF. According to the public relations office of the 34th FIFF, Barbara Lorey in an interview described the progresses and improvements

Guilllaume De Seille: Farhadi is Too Gentle, Young Filmmakers Are More Aggressive

  Guilllaume De Seille is a French producer and distributer who looks for young talented filmmakers all around the world. He had two lectures with Darolfonoun students in Fajr International Film Festival. In this interview, he talked about Iran’s cinema and his opinion about young Iranian filmmakers:   Can you introduce yourself first? I am

Michael Pilz, Austrian Experimental Filmmaker: Looking Forward to Have Cultural Exchanges with Iran

  Michael Pilz is one of the outstanding figures of modern cinema, yet he is also one of its best-kept secrets, as he has remained virtually unknown and unseen. Pilz, born in a small town in Lower Austria, has realized over 100 works since the 1960s; of these, only two, Himmel und Erde (Heaven and Earth,

An Interview with Simone Semprini, President of the Religion Today Film Festival: Iranian Films Still Keep Their Spiritual Trend Line in This Commercial World of Cinema

  Simone Semprini is the president of the Religion Today Film Festival in Italy. Since 1997 Religion Today Film Festival has been the foremost international and itinerant film festival dedicated to cinema religions for a culture of peace and dialogue between faiths, cultures, people and individuals. I t promotes a journey exploring the differences, both

Exclusive interview: Director Abdul Aleem Minahi on The Martyr; Cinema Is the Last Priority in Iraq

The Martyr had its world premiere here, in the International Fajr film festival, how do you feel about that?

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