Wang Xiaoshuai – A Special Tribute to Individuality in Cinema

As an auteur film director, Wang Xiaoshuai was a pioneering figure in Chinese independent cinema in the 1990s.

Peter Fleischmann: Documentary Is Not Black and White

Intl. Competition Juror says he makes documentaries to stay real to himself.

Intl. Competition Juror: Young Filmmakers Should Be Progressive

Dutch Oscar-winning filmmaker Mike Van Diem says young filmmakers should not make the same films that we have seen a thousand times before.

Intl. Competition Juror Highlights Director’s Universal Perspective

Muzaffer Özdemir says universal perspective of a director is very important and decisive.

Intl. Competition Juror: Movies Should Unveil Universal Truth

In the words of Labina Mitevska, when someone makes a movie that unveils the truth and talks about important issues, that film becomes universal.

FIFF Announces International Competition Lineup

The 2019 Fajr International Film Festival has announced the lineup for International Competition (Cinema Salvation).

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