Baltic States Cinema Comes to Fajr with 7 Films

A new space is to be launched in 2017 Fajr, bringing together some of the best films from the fast growing and dynamic cinema of the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

How Many Countries Will Take Part in Fajr Festival’s Talent Campus?

At least 68 students from 32 countries as well as 52 students from Iran are to take part in the inspiring, educational film making workshops of the 2017 Fajr.

Six Horror Movies We’re Ready to Be Sacred by at Fajr Festival

For the first time ever, Fajr International Film Festival has a program featuring horror movies. This screen is called The Midnight Horror Show.

Fajr Film Market Unveils Poster, 47 Companies to Take Part

The 35th edition of Fajr International Film Festival has released the poster for 20th ifm Iranian International Market.

Fajr 2017: Eastern Vista Poster Unveiled

The Fajr International Film Festival has unveiled the poster for the Eastern Vista (Panorama of Films from Asian and Islamic Countries) category. The organizers have named the 12 countries which will take part in this category: China, Japan, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Afghanistan and Jordan. Three Iranian feature length films

Fajr Inaugurates Cinema Salvation Poster: Which Countries Are Competing?

The mythical Iranian bird that never dies, the Phoenix (or Simorgh) , occupies the place of honor on the poster advertising Cinema Salvation section of Fajr International Film Festival.

Fajr Regulations Announced: To Screen or Not to Screen Prior to Festival Premiere?

The 35 edition of Fajr International Film Festival has announced entry regulations and other information.

Special Screenings: The 15 Films You Need to See at FIFF 2017

Fajr International Film Festival has announced that 15 films will play in the Special Screenings section of FIFF 2017.

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