Mohammad Afaride’s Review of “The Graduation”

Documentary movies always come along with knowledge and awareness that is interesting for curious and explorer audience

Ahmad Amini’s Review of “Spoor”

Spoor is a completely feminine movie by “Agnieszka Holland” and assist of her daughter “kasia Adamik” and based on the novel and screenplay written by “Olga Tukarcsuk”.

Review of “Quatretondeta”

It is difficult to write briefly to strongly motivate you to watch a movie which its values do not fit in words and only can be watched and then judged.

Review of “Mifune; the last samurai”/ Samurai spirit

He specially devotes some parts to collaboration of Kurosawa and Mifune in 15 movies. In this documentary the passionate spirit of samurai is manifested.

Review of “Pihu”

It is not easy to make a film with a child especially if the main actress of the film is a two years old girl (pihu) who is not directed easily.

Review of “Kurosawa’s Way”/ From k to k

Japanese cinema had a special importance in Asia and the world.

Review of “I Daniel Blake”/ I, khalid Blake

The credits are on the black background and we can hear a girl whose voice is young asking questions from old Daniel

Review of “Blindness”/ Stalinist character or channel 5!

blindness is a movie with major theme of religion and even script which is made for specific period of time but watching the play specially the main actress in two ages is worth it.

A brief look on “After Image”/ A tragic tone in a documentary

The movie starts with stunning views of green hills full of flowers in the open countryside and wladyslaw and his eager and lively students in a practical painting workshop that invites us to watch an interesting and attractive film.

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