We Screen Iranian Film In Our Festival As the Attractive Part of it; Anthelme Vidaud from Odessa International Film Festival

Anthelme Vidaud is from France, but he works for a Ukrainian film festival, this is called the Odessa Film Festival and he is the program director of this festival. He came to Fajr to watch some movies to pick up for their festival program, because the festival is going to happens soon. The 7th edition

Bjarni Sigurbjornsson, Icelandic Production Designer: Rams is about Love for the Land

  Bjarni Sigurbjornsson, an Icelandic production designer is one of the crew of the movie “Rams”. The movie was sent to Oscars as the representative of Iceland. Can you introduce yourself? My name is Bjarni Sigurbjornsson. I am a production designer from Iceland. Is this your first time attending Fajr International Film Festival? Yes, this

Wellington Fung: Hoping For A Better Tomorrow!

Wellington Fung, Secretary-General of Hong Kong Film Development Council who has travelled to Iran for the first time to attend the 34th Fajr International film festival. He is also planning to held a workshop during the festival days about the obstacles of production. The public relation of the 34th Fajr International film festival has gone

Marina Toropygina, Festival Programmer of Moscow International Film Festival; The Public-Friendly Atmosphere of the Festival Attracted Me

  Marina Toropygina is the festival programmer of Moscow International Film Festival which is one of the oldest in the world. For the first time it was held in 1935 with Sergei Eisenstein as chairman of the jury. Nevertheless the festival history is usually traced back to 1959, when it became a regular event. It

Motamedaria Changed the Atmosphere of the Darolfonoun

 Fateme Motamedaria the Iranian popular and acclaimed actress held a different workshop in Darolfonoun According to the Public Relations Office of the 34th Fajr Internatonal Film Festival, Motamedaria in her workshop said, “I don’t cry easily but you made me cry by this film.” This was her reaction in the last program of Darolfonoun. She

Mehrdad Oskoei: Documentaries Owe Film Festivals

  Mehrdad Skouei, Iranian young director believed that documentary films are like orphans and filmmakers of this genre can just present their works in festivals. According to the Public Relations Office of the 34th Fajr International Film Festival, Mehrdad Oskoei whose film “Starless Stars” was one the most acclaimed and seen films in the festival

Fereydoun Jeirani; 34th FIFF Held Well-Organized

 Director of “Red” considered organization of the 34th FIFF as one of the strengths of the 34th edition. According to The Public Relations Office of the 34th Fajr international film festival, Freidoun Jeirani, Iranian director commented about the level of the festival and said, “Based on my visit from the festival palace and my talks

Amin Palangi; Love Stories Are Always Appealing / Festivals Provide Opportunities for Cultural Exchange

  Amin Palangi, director of “Love Marriage in Kabul” believes that love stories are always fascinating.   According to the public relations office of the 34th FIFF, festivals provide opportunities for meeting prominent cinematic figures from around the world. Amin Palangi, director of “Love Marriage in Kabul” was born in Iran, but currently lives in

International Section Is Not ignored because of The National Section Anymore

Mojtaba Raei insisted, independence of the FIFF will lead to its reputation and stability. According to the Public Relations Office of the 34th FIFF, Mojtaba Raei considered the separation of national and international sections as a positive move and said, “Through this, the international section which was always underestimated by the national station finds its

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