Mahmoud Kalari on Iranian Cinema

According to famous director of photography, in Iranian cinema, the experimental nature was stronger than the professional one.

Frederic Maire on Swiss Cinema – Part Two

Former artistic director of Locarno Film Festival held a workshop at the 38th FIFF.

Touraj Aslani: Young, Talented Filmmakers Should Be Supported

On the fourth day of the 38th Fajr International Film Fetsival, film critic Sahar Asrazad talked to Aslani about his co-production experiences in cinema.

Frederic Maire on Swiss Cinema – Part One

Swiss film critic, and former director of the Locarno Film Festival says there is a polemic phrase which claims that Swiss cinema doesn’t exist, because in reality, Swiss itself doesn’t really exist in terms of cinema.

Narges Abyar: Look For Universal Stories That Cover Both Genders

Abyar’s Iran-Iraq war drama Breath has been selected as Iran’s submission to the International Feature Film category at the 2018 Academy Awards. She became the first-ever female Iranian director to compete in the category.

Film Production Planning Should Be Based on Director’s Drive

Film critic Sahar Asrazad talked to Mostafa Ahmadi about the work of an executive producer and programmer in movies.

Karen Shakhnazarov: Image Is Everything in Russian Cinema

Karen Shakhnazarov is one of the leading masters of the Russian cinema. Here is a dialogue between film critic Kamyar Mohsenin and him.

Kianoush Ayari: Work on New Ideas to Get the Picture

On the third day of the 38th Fajr International Film Festival, screenwriter Shadmehr Rastin talked to Iranian filmmaker about his famous film Beyond the Fire.

Majid Barzegar: Short Films Must Be Independent

Majid Barzegar is an Iranian film director, producer, screenwriter, and photographer. He established his film company Rainy pictures in 2005 with the aim of stimulating independent film production in Iran. Barzegar has also been the president of the board of Iranian Short Film Association since 2008. On the second day of the 38th Fajr International

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