Premier of New Version of “The Lovers’ Wind” at 34th FIFF

The remake of the memorable documentary, “The Lovers’ Wind”, will be premiered at the 34th FIFF.

The 34th FIFF Deadline for Film Submission Not To Be Extended

The proposed deadline for submitting features and short films in 34th FIFF will not be extended.

All Spotlights on Charsou Cineplex, Host of 34th FIFF

All the sections of the 34th edition of FIFF are going to be held in Charsoo Cineplex. The public relations office of the 34th edition of FIFF reports that Charsoo Cineplex will be hosting all the sections of this edition of the festival. This is the second time Charsoo Cineplex is hosting a major cinematic

Darolfonoun; the Talent Campus of 34th FIFF

The director of 34th Fajr international film festival introduced “Darolfonoun” as the talent campus. Reza Mirkarimi, the director of this edition of the festival, pointed to the new section which has been added for the first time to the international section of Fajr and added, “Darolfonoun Section is supposed to be as the Talent Campus

What Happened in the 1st Press Conference of 34th FIFF

According to the Public Relation Office of 34th FIFF , the first press conference of Reza Mirkarimi, the director of the 34th Fajr International Film Festival was held today, Tuesday March 8th at 10 a.m in Hall #2 of Charsoo Cineplex.

34th Fajr International Film Festival to Be Held Green

Officials of 34th FIFF announced the festival’s special plans for environmental supports.

FIFF as A Chance of Exchanging Ideas for Film Scholars

Alireza Shojanouri said that festival should not be just a place for watching films; it’s a venue for exchanging ideas and knowing about others’ thoughts and interests.

Mirkarimi; It Is Not Possible to Hold an International Festival without Primarily Seeking National Goals

The director of the FIFF stated: “I daresay Iranian cinema could be considered international and that makes it superior to other cinemas. We don’t need to give any privileges to our guests.”

Salvation Cinema Lines Up with 15 Films

15 films will be screened in Salvation Cinema Section in 34th Fajr International Film Festival. Reza Mirkarimi, the director of the festival said that we focused on reducing the sections. “3 Iranian and 12 international films will compete in Salvation Cinema Section. in every session, a short film, an animation, and a documentary will be

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